The Malaysian Translator's Association (MTA), also known as Persatuan Penterjemah Malaysia (PPM) in Malay is the sole professional Non-Governmental Organization dealing with all aspects in the field of translation at large and its relevant academic as well as international relations and social functions arising thereof. The need to establish such an association became apparent and critically demanding for various aspects of promoting, safeguarding and eventual sustaining of the professional elements of both translation as well as code of ethics of the translators.


MTA or PPM was conceptualized and registered as a professional association of keen and dedicated members who can further enhance their interest and vocation in the field of translation. The association was established in 1979 under the auspices of Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka (DBP) (the Language and Literary Agency, or presently the Institute of Language and Literature), a quasi-government statutory body under the Ministry of Education, and which was entrusted in mustering the nucleus for the National Language development and dissemination. The association has now garnered over 1200 members who are scholars/academicians and researchers in the field of translation, and practitioners of translation either on a full-time/part-time or freelance basis. MTA’s main aim is to promote professionalism in the disciplines it represents. It is also concerned with the conditions of professional practice amongst its members and strives to defend translators' rights in particular and freedom of expression in general.


MTA is a member of the International Federation of Translators (FIT-IFT) which is an international federation of translators' associations which are located in nearly 50 countries throughout the world. Through its member associations, FIT represents the moral and material interests of over 60,000 translators on all five continents.


The enhancement of translation by professionally qualified translators so that the product of their works will adhere to accepted standards and practices locally and internationally.


- To produce quality translation works that may be deemed as true to its equivalents in meaning to its original script.

- To establish and to uphold the moral and material interests of translators.

- To advocate and advance the recognition of translation as a profession, and enhance the status of translators in the society.

  • To operate and administer translation services with professionalism, accuracy and reliability.                                                          


The main aims of the Association are as follows:

  • To foster and strengthen co-operation among translators in order to improve the quality of translation by translators throughout the country;
  • To provide positive contributions towards all efforts to increase reading material in Malay Language which encompasses all fields of knowledge;
  • To endeavour towards enriching, promoting and developing Malay Language through translation;
  • To safeguard the legal rights and interests of translators;
  • To provide supporters for translators in their assignments;
  • To work towards promoting translators’ talents and making translation a profession to be proud of;
  • To stimulate reading interest of translated works among Malaysians.